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All On-Demand Video Programs are FREE!

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Available CLE Courses

Trial Skills

2.0 – Top SCOTUS DWI Cases of All-Time

2.0 – Defending a Criminal Case in Federal District Court

2.0 – Trial Tactics – Levels of Belief at Trial

1.5 – Tell Us a Story – Persuading the Jury

2.5 – Spying Lies, Understanding and Selecting Jurors: 3 in 1 CLE Combo

Non-credit feature – Spy the Lies

3.0 – 21st Century Cross Examination Techniques and the Quest for Perfect Information

2.0 – Anatomy of a Death Penalty Murder Trial – Case for the Defense

1.0 – Anatomy of a Death Penalty Murder Trial – The Prosecution

Historic Trials, Figures, and the Law

2.0 – Political Assassinations in America

2.0 – Abraham Lincoln: From Rail Splitter to Great Emancipator

1.5 – The Case that Changed the Soul of America: Dred Scott v. Sandford

1.0 – Woody Guthrie in the 21st Century

2.0 – This Means Civil War: Dred Scott in the 21st Century

2.0 – When Hitler Invaded America – The Secret Trial of the Nazi Saboteurs

1.5 – The First American Torture Trial

Learning from Cinema

2.0 – Cinema CLE: Learning Trial Tactics from Lawyer Movies

2.0 – Fourth Amendment Live!

2.0 – The History of Domestic Violence in American Cinema

1.5 – Ethical Issues in Anatomy of a Murder

1.0 – Drunk Driving in American Cinema

Ethics for Attorneys and Judges

2.5 – Ethical Issues in the HBO series “The Night Of”

1.0 – Better NOT Call Saul about Ethics Law

2.5 – A Bad Day in Black Robes

Miscellaneous Topics

2.0 – Defending Detainees at Guantanamo Bay

1.5 – Winning Negotiating in Cinema

1.5 – Jews and American Law

1.5 – Baseball & the Rule of Law