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Garden State CLE Webinars

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Please check back for the next available Garden State CLE webinar.

If you also want to earn CLE credits for this webinar, here is all you have to do:

Step 1. Click link above and download the webinar lesson plan & evaluation form.

Step. 2. Watch the webinar by clicking the “View Webinar” button above. The program will open in a new window.

Step. 3. Fill out and sign the evaluation form, including all of the key words provided in the webinar.

Step 4. Pay for CLE Credits with a credit card below or simply mail a check along with your completed evaluation form:

All webinars are $74.98

Credit Cards:

Mail or fax your completed CLE form to:

Garden State CLE
2000 Hamilton Ave.
Hamilton, NJ 08619

609-895-1899 (fax)

questions? Call 609-584-1924

All webinars are streamed live and are FREE to the viewer.

You only pay when and if you want to receive CLE credits.

Phone: 609-584-1922

Fax: 609-584-1920


2000 Hamilton Ave.

Hamilton, NJ 08619