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Archive of Past Muni-mails


Muni-mail – Order Reinstates Live CLE Credit Requirement Effective May 1

Muni-mail – DWI legal advice for early interlock installation

Muni-mail – Here is the correct way to decide a municipal appeal

Muni-mail – New DWI interlock Directive #04-24 rescinds old directive

Muni-mail – Supreme Court withdraws Guideline 4 for DWI cases

Muni-mail – Annual NJ Attorney Registration due Feb 29, 2024

Muni-mail – DWI plea bargains still prohibited despite new statute

Muni-mail – Cops cannot automatically be removed from jury pool – App Div.

Muni-mail – NJ Supremes: DRE testimony admissible (mostly)

Muni-mail – Special Master releases “Zingis” DWI report

Muni-mail – Losing candidates for public office not allowed to accept bribes

Muni-mail – Committee: Disbarred attorneys should be given a second chance

Muni-mail – SCOTUS holds student loan program illegal, rules graphic designer need not create gay wedding website

Muni-mail – Supreme Court outlaws race as a factor in college admissions

Muni-mail – Smell of raw marijuana did not justify trunk/engine search of automobile

Muni-mail – New rules for police searches for vehicle registrations

Muni-mail – Important new rule for revoked list police motor vehicle stops

Muni-mail – Driver tries switching places with dog to avoid DUI

Muni-mail – Supremes appoint Special Master on new Alcotest device – issue a stay of pending 9510 cases

Muni-mail – DWI Special Master uses Daubert standard to rule DRE evidence is admissible

Muni-mail – Cops can impound your lawfully parked vehicle based solely upon probable cause

Muni-mail – Major Supreme Court decision nets defendant a new murder trial & 3 new points of law

Muni-mail – Puff-puff-PTI – Prior marijuana CD does not disqualify defendants from PTI today!

Muni-mail – Police dispatcher racial prejudice attributed to police

Muni-mail – Supremes: Interlock sentencing issues must be made by judges, not the NJ MVC

Muni-mail – DWI the top cause of fatal crashes in N.J., report shows

Muni-mail – These new laws for N.J. go into effect in 2023

Muni-mail – NJ traffic accident deaths hit new record for 2022

Muni-mail – Supremes: Cops will handle gun carry permit applications exclusively from now on

Muni-mail – Opening a car door without permission results in suppression of a pistol!

Muni-mail – Value of shoplifted items does not include sales tax

Muni-mail – Court approves $27 increase in annual lawyer assessment to fund discipline

Muni-mail – THE ONION submits remarkable amicus curiae brief to SCOTUS

Muni-mail – Law Journal urges mandatory 50 hrs of community service for N.J. attorneys, including YOU!

Muni-mail – Assembly passes new, highly restrictive gun carry bill ….. Senate next

Muni-mail – Which comes first? Juvie waiver or motion to suppress?

Muni-mail – NJ Judiciary to require new passphrase for everyone to log in online

Muni-mail – Cops kept questioning even after defendant asked for a lawyer! State v. Wade

Muni-mail – Two SCOTUS cases today may change U.S. college admissions forever

Muni-mail – Future of Court Operations – more in-person proceedings

Muni-mail – NJ Ethics director fired for violating AOC procedures

Muni-mail: Use of marijuana in NJ is ethical and fun – ACPE

Muni-mail – ATS traffic warrant does not justify hot pursuit residential entry

Muni-mail: Special Master rules DRE testimony is scientifically reliable

Muni-mail – FL judge who told defendant ‘I asked you a f—ing question a–hole’ faces suspension without pay

Muni-mail – Tinted windows not enough to justify an MV stop

Muni-mail – SCOTUS says coach can pray on the field under 1st Amendment

Muni-mail – SCOTUS overrules Roe v. Wade

Muni-mail – “NO NEW ARRESTS” Plea agreement term illegal per App. Div

Muni-mail – Major SCOTUS ruling on gun possession changes NJ law dramatically

Muni-mail – Confession no good after cops ignore ambiguous invocation of right to counsel

Muni-mail – Dogs and cats not covered under the rescue doctrine

Muni-mail – COVID-19 Emergency Order did NOT extend P/I statute of limitations

Muni-mail – Prior marijuana conditional discharge is an absolute bar to PTI admission

Muni-mail – Supremes stay State v. Zingis DWI decision from App. Div.

Muni-mail – Supreme Court to consider readmission of disbarred attorneys in Wilson Cases

Muni-mail – Undermining Miranda warnings enough to suppress statement from defendant

Muni-mail – State must prove prior offense is not a Cassidy case beyond a reasonable doubt

Muni-mail – Ooops – Wrong blood samples get defendant a new trial in DWI Death by Auto case

Muni-mail – Both Laurick & PCR work to avoid jail term for NJSA 2C:40-26 revoked list prosecutions

Muni-mail – NJ mask mandate for state workers ends Monday

Muni-mail – GUILTY! – Activating Google Maps on cell phone while driving a violation NJSA 39:4-97.3

Muni-mail – Take off that mask right NOW!

Muni-mail – Upload your trial evidence thru the web

Muni-mail – Online Attorney Registration / Payment for 2022 due one week from now

Muni-mail – Important new Notice to the Bar: Attorney Registration & CLE Deadlines

Muni-mail – Guv nominates former chief counsel as N.J.’s next A.G.

Muni-mail – NJ Supremes expand police ability to conduct residential sweep without a warrant

Muni-mail – Murphy may have to re-nominate N.J. Supreme Court pick or make another choice

Muni-mail – These new laws for N.J. go into effect in 2022

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