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NEW CLE Videos Just Added include the following:

Video – 1.5 – Bruen Update – New Jersey Gun Laws

Video – 1.5 – Vehicular Homicide in Municipal Court Cases – Ethics and Professionalism

Video – 2.0 – Criminal Law Review 2023

Video – 2.0 – DWI Review 2023

Video – 1.5 – Personal Injury Review 2023

Video – 1.5 – Arrest, Search and Seizure Review 2023

Video – 1.0 – NJ Driver – PA DWI

Video – 1.5 – The New Rule on Expert Testimony in DWI and Criminal Cases

Video – 1.5 – NJ Driver – NY DWI

Video – 1.5 – Deep Dive: DWI Core Foundational Documents

Video – 2.0 – 15 Ways to Prevent Your Client from Being Evicted

Video – 2.0 – DRE Update and the New Alcotest 9510

Video – 2.0 – Myths, Legends & The Standard Story of America

Video – 1.5 – Ten Supreme Court & A.G. DWI Directives You Need to Know

Video – 1.5 – Device Advice: Providing Accurate Information to DWI Clients About the Ignition Interlock


Muni-mail – New rules for police searches for vehicle registrations

Muni-mail – Important new rule for revoked list police motor vehicle stops

Muni-mail – Driver tries switching places with dog to avoid DUI

Muni-mail – Supremes appoint Special Master on new Alcotest device – issue a stay of pending 9510 cases

Muni-mail – DWI Special Master uses Daubert standard to rule DRE evidence is admissible

Muni-mail – Cops can impound your lawfully parked vehicle based solely upon probable cause

Muni-mail – Major Supreme Court decision nets defendant a new murder trial & 3 new points of law

Muni-mail – Puff-puff-PTI – Prior marijuana CD does not disqualify defendants from PTI today!

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