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All On-Demand Video Programs are FREE!

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Wednesday, May 22nd – Forbidden DWI Defenses

Wednesday, May 29th – Arrest, Search and Seizure Annual Review

Wednesday, June 12th – Shooting the Past! Using Expungements to Obtain a Firearms Permit


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NEW CLE Videos Just Added include the following:

Video – 1.0 – DWI Legal Advice for Early Interlock Installation

Video – 2.0 – Let’s Make a Deal – The Repeal of Guideline 4 and DWI Plea Bargaining

Video – 1.0 – Perfect Together: DWI Plea Bargaining and Early Interlock Device Installation

Video – 1.5 – Under the Hood of the Alcotest 9510

Video – 2.5 – Evidence Issues in a DWI Trial

Video – 2.0 – Admissibility of DRE Evidence

Video – 2.0 – Post-Conviction Relief in DWI Cases

Video – 1.5 – Perry Mason’s America

Video – 2.0 – The History of Breath Testing

Video – 1.5 – The Five Worst SCOTUS Decisions in the History of the Universe

Video – 1.5 – Arrest, Search and Seizure Review Fall 2023


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