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All On-Demand Video Programs are FREE!

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NEW CLE Videos Just Added include the following:

Video – 2.0 – Defending a Character & Fitness Bar Admissions Case

Video – 1.5 – Changes & Updates to N.J. Miranda Procedures

Video – 2.0 – NJ Arrest, Search & Seizure Annual Review 2022

Video – 2.0 – Finding Responsible Defendants in a DWI Lawsuit

Video – 2.0 – Personal Injury Review 2022

Video – 2.0 – Five Steps to Successful Advocacy in Domestic Violence Cases

Video – 2.0 – The Verdict: Why ask why?

Video – 2.0 – Criminal Law Review 2022


Archive of Past Muni-mails

Muni-mail – SCOTUS overrules Roe v. Wade

Muni-mail – “NO NEW ARRESTS” Plea agreement term illegal per App. Div

Muni-mail – Major SCOTUS ruling on gun possession changes NJ law dramatically

Muni-mail – Confession no good after cops ignore ambiguous invocation of right to counsel

Muni-mail – Prior marijuana conditional discharge is an absolute bar to PTI admission

Muni-mail – Supremes stay State v. Zingis DWI decision from App. Div.

Muni-mail – Supreme Court to consider readmission of disbarred attorneys in Wilson Cases

Muni-mail – Undermining Miranda warnings enough to suppress statement from defendant

Muni-mail – State must prove prior offense is not a Cassidy case beyond a reasonable doubt

Muni-mail – Ooops – Wrong blood samples get defendant a new trial in DWI Death by Auto case

Muni-mail – Dogs and cats not covered under the rescue doctrine

Muni-mail – COVID-19 Emergency Order did NOT extend P/I statute of limitations