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All On-Demand Video Programs are FREE!

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Sept. 28th – Here We Go Again: The New DWI ALCOTEST 9510

Oct. 5th – License to Chill: How to Get a Cannabis License

Oct. 12th – Defending Our Own – When Lawyers, Judges and Law Students Get DWI Tickets


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Video – 1.0 – Cashing in: Employee Retention Credit

Video – 2.0 – War Crimes and the Law of Armed Conflict

Video – 1.5 – Zombie Lawyers! Return to Practice After Disbarment in NJ

Video – 1.5 – Legal Fees and the Arbitration Process

Video – 2.0 – Defending a Character & Fitness Bar Admissions Case

Video – 1.5 – Changes & Updates to N.J. Miranda Procedures

Video – 2.0 – NJ Arrest, Search & Seizure Annual Review 2022


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