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Top NJ CLE Attorneys

Because of the their high level of professionalism and life-long commitment to the continuing legal education process, the following attorneys have been selected by the senior instructor staff of New Jersey Continuing Legal Education Services, LLC to receive the designation of “Joseph P. Rem, Jr. CLE Scholar.”

Name: James Addis
Certifications: Practice Areas: Superior Court Criminal, Municipal & DWI
County: Bergen
Court Plaza South – East Wing
21 Main St. Suite 306
Hackensack, NJ 07601
Phone: 201-487-8200
Fax: 201-487-8202

E-mail: jaddislaw@gmail.com
Name: Richard D. Aljian, Jr.
Certifications: Practice Areas: Criminal, Municipal Court, Workers Comp
County: Monmouth
Phone: 732-449-7474

E-mail: cgeiselman@marriottlaw.com
Website www.marriottlaw.com/counsel.html
Name: John Apello
Certifications: Practice Areas: Criminal, Municipal Court
County: Hudson
Phone: 201-926-9312

E-mail: johnappello@gmail.com
Name: Anthony M. Arbore
Certifications: Practice Areas: Criminal Defense, DWI/Drug Crimes, Family Law, & Traffic
County: Morris
Phone: 973-584-1501

Website: www.forsterarbore.com
E-mail: ama@foresterarbore.com
Name: Leonard D. Biddison
Practice Areas: (NJ & PA): Criminal & Traffic
County: Camden
Phone: 856-427- 6888

E-mail: leonardbiddison@verizon.net
Name: Colin Bonus
Practice Areas: Criminal and DUI
County: Monmouth
Phone: 732-450-8300

Website: http://www.newjerseydwiattorney.com/
E-mail: info@jfmlaw.com
Name: Robert B. Cherry
Certifications: Practice Areas: Criminal & Matrimonial Law
County: Passaic
Phone: 973-785-1799

Website: www.bobcherryesq.com
E-mail: robert.b.cherry@verizon.net
Name: Robert H. Corbin
Practice Areas: Family Law, Personal Injury, Wills, and Real Estate
County: Mercer
Phone: 609-989-8050

E-mail: corbinr@mclaughlincooper.com
Name: Rocco A. Depersia
Practice Areas: Municipal Court & Personal Injury
County: Camden
Phone: 856-795-2050

E-mail: roccodepersia@aol.com
Name: Robert Ebberup
County: Ocean
Phone: 732-797-2411
Name: Howard Egenberg
Certifications: Practice Areas: Criminal Defense & DWI
County: Bergen
Phone: 201-997-9710

E-mail: hleesq@aol.com
Name: James L. Fennessy
Certifications: Practice Areas: DWI, Criminal & Municipal Court
County: Ocean
Phone: 732-793-8808

E-mail: fennessylaw@comcast.net
Website: www.jlf-law.com
Name: David Foley
Practice Areas: DWI, Criminal & Juvenile
County: Monmouth
Phone: 732-495-6500

E-mail: DJF114@aol.com
Name: Stephen A. Gravatt
Certifications: Practice Areas: Criminal, DWI, Traffic
County: Monmouth
Phone: 732-337-7922

E-mail: info@stephenagravattesq.com
Website: www.stephenagravattesq.com
Name: Francis X. Halligan, Jr.
County: Ocean
Phone: 732-506-0900

E-mail: fxhrpj@aol.com
Name: Joel M. Harris
Practice Areas: Criminal Defense, DWI
County: Morris
Phone: 973-538-4723
Name: Daniel D. Hyman
Practice Areas: (NJ & NY) Municipal Court
County: Monmouth
Phone: 908-433-1050

Email: ddhyman6@yahoo.com
Name: Sallie K. Key Esq.
Practice Areas: Criminal Defense
County: Camden
Phone: 856-424-3410

E-mail: salliewitting@gmail.com
Name: Nathan Kittner
Practice Areas: Criminal, DWI, Municipal Court
County: Bergen
Phone: 201-488-5565

E-mail: matthew1kittner@gmail.com
Name: Frank J. Lentz
Practice Areas: Criminal & DWI
County: Atlantic
Phone: 609-813-2301

E-mail: frank@lentzlaw.com
Name: Dean R. Marcolongo
Practice Areas: Municipal Court, Land Use, Bankruptcy, & Matrimonial
County: Cumberland
Phone: 856-327-4220

Website: www.nvanembden.com
E-mail: marcolongo402@gmail.com
Name: Denise Pappas Magnusen
Practice Areas: Municipal Court, Real Estate
County: Morris
Phone: 908-850-3236

E-mail: denis.magnusen@comcast.net
Name: Eric Morrell
Practice Areas: Criminal Defense, Expungements, DWI, Traffic
County: Middlesex
Phone: 732-249-9933

Website: http://www.ebm-law.com
Name: John Novak
Certifications: Practice Areas: Municipal Court, Superior Court Criminal, Real Estate Title Litigation, Land used & Zoning
County: Ocean
Phone: 732-505-4321

Email: jjn.pc@comcast.net
Name: Matthew V. Portella, Esquire
County: Atlantic
5734 Main Street
Mays Landing, NJ 08330
Phone: (609) 625-9625

Fax: (609) 625-9628
Email: mvplawoffice@comcast.net
Name: Robert Rosenberg
Practice Areas: Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, & Municipal Court
County: Ocean
Phone: 732-341-3337
Name: Genora Rosypal
Certifications: Practice Areas: Municipal Court, Family Law, Personal Injury, Worker’s Comp, & Wills/Estate
County: Cumberland
Phone: 856-453-0133
Name: Jerry Steiner
Practice Areas: Personal Injury, Municipal Court, Traffic Court, Criminal Defense.
County: Atlantic
Phone: 609-646-0067
Email: Found on website
Name: Bruce Throckmorton
Practice Areas: Criminal (State and Federal) Defense, Civil rights, DWI, Real Estate
County: Mercer
Phone: 609-585-0050
Name: Steven A. Traub
Practice Areas: Traffic Violations; DUI/DWI; Criminal Law; Juvenile Law; Wills; Estates; Drug Crimes
County: Burlington
Phone: 866-920-7988
Email: Found on website
Name: Lauren Van Embden
Practice Areas: Creditor Services, Real Estate, Family Law, & Wills
County: Cumberland
Phone: 856-327-5656
Email: lauren@vanembden.com
Richard P. Visotcky
Practice Areas: Residential and Commercial Real Estate, Personal Injury, & Workers Comp.
County: Ocean
Phone: 609-597-6086
Email: Found on website

For more than three decades, Joseph P. Rem, Jr. has dedicated his time to enhancing the process of continuing legal education in New Jersey through his teaching, writings and leadership. He has been an inspiration to the many thousands of attorneys he has taught throughout our state. The attorneys designated as CLE scholars in his name share his enduring commitment to life-long legal education, professionalism, collegiality and zealous advocacy.